Request for Short Term Emergency Tuition Assistance

Short Term Emergency Tuition Assistance may be available to enrolled families who cannot meet their tuition obligation due to the financial impact of significant and unforeseen circumstances such a death in the family, a sudden major illness, or loss of reliable income. Short term emergency tuition assistance may come in the form of tuition payment plan adjustments (i.e. payment deferrals or extensions) or grants intended to serve as a stop gap to offer assistance for temporary needs. The program is designed to help students remain at Holy Family, without interruption, when unanticipated financial hardships jeopardize the completion of their high school education.

Director of Finance Erin Hesse will be notified of your form submission and should she need further information, she will contact you.  Questions regarding submission of this form may be sent to her at hessee@hfchs.org.



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Holy Family is deeply committed to a personal approach to tuition and believes strongly that tuition is a justice issue: A just tuition is fair to the family and fair for the school. 

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