"After a couple months of being a college freshman, I realized not only how much I retained from my AP class, but how much I was beginning to miss biology. I find myself helping pre-med and biochem friends study for their finals and going through their biology labs and notes. When registering for next semester's classes, I declared a biology minor, largely because of the amount of information I gained from my AP Bio class and the abilities in science that I didn't know I had, but developed while taking AP Biology at Holy Family." - HF Alumna

Student Organizations and Clubs

Art Club
Advisor: Shelagh Gamble

Honor Society
Advisor: Jacob Dueck
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Health Club
Advisor: Anne Sloan
Purpose: Meets to discuss and implement healthy lifestyle issues in our school and throughout our community. Students participate in a variety of ways including healthy activities and some exercise!

Political Club / Model Assembly / Model UN
Advisor: Holly Pottebaum

Student Council
Advisors: Josh Dwyer
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Student Newspaper (Phoenix) and Yearbook
Advisor: Andy Witchger, Jacob Dueck

**For service orientated groups see Service

Student Organized Clubs

   Ultimate Frisbee Club
   Strategy Games
   Super Fan Club
   Video Game Club


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