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Senior Photo Wall
Volunteers will be creating a Senior Photo Wall to honor our graduates and give them a chance to show
our community what their plans are for next year.
Please submit an electronic, hi-resolution photo, in PORTRAIT ORIENTATION, of your student. The
photo can represent his or her plans for college, a gap year, junior hockey, etc.
More information to follow for the Class of 2020.
You have three options:
1. Go simple! Submit a portrait orientation photo of your child in their college sweatshirt, via email
and tell us what your student’s plans are for next year. We will print your photo so they are all the
same size and shape and we will create a label. Or use their Senior Photo submitted for the
yearbook if you really want to keep it simple. Just let us know that via email.
2. Add a little something! Submit whatever photo you’d like to use via email. Then turn in a
college or other descriptive sticker or label (college/job/gap year program, etc.) to the school
office and the Senior Wall volunteers will add it to your child’s photo after it is enlarged.
3. Get really creative! Enlarge the photo you would like to use to 11 x 17 yourself. Then get
creative and decorate it as much or as little as you want to! Turn your decorated photo in to the
school office by TBD.
We’ve attached some of last year (11x17) examples for you to see below. The choice of the photo and
how hard you want to work on this project is yours, every student will be represented on the Senior Photo
Wall. Whether you submit just a sticker, or have fun decorating an enlarged 11 x 17 photo, everything
must be turned in to the school office by TBD. Please place items in an envelope marked
"Senior Party."

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