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Responsible Use Policy (RUP)

All students and their families must make themselves familiar with the guidelines put forth in the Responsible Use Policy (RUP). Each student is to attend presentations in class or in special meetings where they will discuss these guidelines and subsequently sign their name in agreement with the policies. Once this process is done, they will receive account information and approval to bring their own device to school. There will be strict guidelines as to how to use their new Office 365 accounts, as well as where and when their own devices may be used.

Below is the basic information; as to what Holy Family provides; who the Users are; the purpose of the policy; and the Enforcement statement. The detailed guidelines are listed in the pdf version of the entire five page document. Please read the entire document. 

Holy Family Catholic High School provides Internet/Intranet/Extranet-related systems, including but not limited to computer hardware, software, operating systems, storage media, network accounts, electronic mail, World Wide Web (WWW) browsing, local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN), Cloud storage and sharing systems, any other digital file storage or transmission protocols, and are thereby the property of the School. These systems are provided to our USERS in support of the Mission of the School and are to be used for business purposes in serving the interests of the School in the course of normal operations.

USERS include, but are not limited to, Employees, Administrators, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, Alumni and any other community member or person who has access to the above mentioned systems be it on campus or off-campus using the School’s computers (in labs, classrooms, or at home) or on their own personal computers and other devices. These USERS are to follow all the rules contained within this RUP and any subsequent policies or guidelines contained herein at all times.

The purpose of this RUP Policy is to outline responsible, acceptable and unacceptable use of; computer related hardware; networked systems at the School, including any Intranet, Extranet and Internet activities; and any cloud or online social media networks (when used as an affiliate of the School or with a school owned account). These rules are in place to protect the users and the School. Inappropriate use exposes the School to risks including virus attacks, compromise of network systems and services, and legal issues.

Any user, including but not limited to employees and students, using any of the above mentioned systems who is found to have violated these policies may be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.

Please note that the school has always had an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) included in the Student Handbook which all parents and students signed in agreement to. The scope of the new RUP which replaces the AUP was broadened to include all HF accounts (which include the MS Office 365) and BYOD.

Entire RUP document (pdf)

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