FOR MOTIVATED, GOALS DRIVEN students from public schools

The Hildebrandt Family Scholarship, established by Dean and LeAnn Hildebrandt and their sons, seeks to assist motivated, goals-driven public school students (including those from public charter schools) in accessing Catholic education at Holy Family Catholic High School. The Hildebrandt Family Scholarship honors the excellent experience they and their children had at Holy Family, and aims to help more public school families consider the incredible opportunities that Holy Family has to offer.

Applicants will submit an essay articulating their goals as a student at Holy Family Catholic High School along with two letters of recommendation. Annual renewal of the scholarship is contingent upon the student maintaining good academic standing and providing an end-of-school-year written reflection on progress. Up to twelve Hildebrandt Family Scholarships of $3,000 each will be awarded to incoming 9th graders who attended public middle school.

Application Requirements:

  • Application for Enrollment submitted
  • Hildebrandt Family Scholarship essay completed
  • Two letters of recommendation submitted

Hildebrandt Family Scholarship award winners will be notified by mid-February.  Scholarship award winners are required to accept the award and complete their 2020-21 tuition contract by March 13, 2020.

Student Information

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Scholarship Essay

Write an essay of 250-500 words articulating your goals as a student at Holy Family Catholic High School. How will you take full advantage of the opportunities ahead of you? How will you measure your success along the way? Where do you hope to be in four years, and how will Holy Family help you in this journey? *

Letters of Recommendation

Please submit to two letters of recommendation from adults who are not family members, but can speak to your potential for success at Holy Family. They may be emailed to breimhorsts@hfchs.org, dropped off at the school in a sealed envelope marked ATTN: Hildebrandt Family Scholarship, or mailed to: Holy Family Catholic High School, ATTN: Hildebrandt Family Scholarship, 8101 Kochia Lane, Victoria, MN 55386. Letters must be received by Janaury 17, 2020.

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