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Holy Family Computer Technology

Holy Family is very mindful of the use of technology in its programs. We believe in using appropriate tools for any given task; that no single tool, device, or technology fits each goal; and with that technology, comes the need for sound responsible usage in a secure setting. Therefore, our school has three major components of our use of technology: a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program; and two cloud based systems - Office 365 and mySchool.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

New this year - Holy Family requires that every student have an appropriate device to be able to perform their course obligations and activities, in school or at home. We are asking that students bring this device daily. The device should meet these specifications and guidelines – see our BYOD Requirements below. Should your student not have a device that adequately meets these criteria, Holy Family will do its best to provide a temporary loaned device when needed.
BYOD allows students to better follow course instructions in real time, access their homework, supplement research, participate in various class interactions, and learn basic technology processes that they will use now and after high school, all without the restraints of owning programs or working on specific hardware platforms.
With the freedom of BYOD, there comes more responsibility. Students are expected to follow all guidelines, written, expressed and or otherwise noted regarding the use of any electronic device including but not limited to mobile phones (smart or otherwise), tablets, computers, and any digital image/audio recorders/players. These specific guidelines are included in the Student Responsible Use Policy (RUP) within the Student Handbook and posted throughout the school.

Office 365

Holy Family uses Cloud-based Microsoft Office 365, a powerful set of Office applications and features that allow users to; create papers, sophisticated reports, and presentations; collaborate in real time (managed by staff); and perform all this anytime, anywhere regardless of platform or hardware.
Each student is provided a school 365 email account. It is mandatory that each student monitor his/her email account, which is used by teachers and staff as the approved way to communicate and collaborate in conjunction with their 'mySchool' account.
Licensing allows each student to be able to download and install the full desktop versions of the 365 applications on up to 5 devices/computers (not including the free Microsoft mobile apps).
Your Microsoft Office 365 account includes:
* Outlook - a school email account for all your school related work
* Calendar and Contacts
* 1TB On-Line storage (OneDrive)
* On-Line Office Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Sway, etc.)
* Microsoft Teams - provides both online meeting spaces, as well as assignments, class notebooks, and shared communication.
FYI - This account is provided to each enrolled student until the fall of their graduation year.


mySchool is a School Information/Learning Management cloud system that is designed specifically for Holy Family, which also provides assignments, missing work, grades, course wikis, online assessments, and more.
Students and families have separate accounts to view pertinent information. This account is separate, but critically tied to the students’ Office 365 and email.

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