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Welcome to the Class of 2018 graduation activities planning site!
(This information will be updated for the Class of 2018 when planning begins in the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year.)

Please click on the schedule tab for more information and helpful hints!

This link has been created to offer senior parents helpful information about the activities and events surrounding this year's graduation. It also lists opportunities to get involved to whatever extent you wish.

There are two components to graduation:

  • School-coordinated events
  • Parent-sponsored events

The faculty and administration of HF coordinate the graduation ceremony itself as well as the baccalaureate Mass, diplomas, caps and gowns, and a reception for graduates and their families after the ceremony.

The senior parents take care of providing a picnic lunch for the senior class the morning of their rehearsal-Friday, May 11, 2018, displaying life-size"standouts" (cardboard cut-outs) of each senior, and putting on an all-night party for the graduates immediately after the graduation ceremony.

 Senior All Night Party: Planning for the Senior All Night Party, which takes place immediately after graduation, will begin during the second semester. As tradition holds, the venue is a secret, so it can be a complete surprise for our seniors! Parent volunteers are needed to assist on site at Holy Family prior to the students' departure and at the venue. (Some junior parents will be asked to step in during times when the senior parents are busy with their student after the ceremony.) Opportunities will be outlined on a volunteer sign up site and you will be notified when the sign up is available via a link in the Friday email and on the HF graduation page.

Instructions for the night of the party: (This information will be updated for the Class of 2018 when planning begins in the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year.)

1. Graduates should bring a bag of clothes to graduation to change into that are comfortable and good for activity, including closed-toe shoes and socks.

2. After graduation, students have time to take pictures with their family, hug their guests and then should check in by 9:00 pm in the multipurpose room, already changed into clothes for the evening. Once students have registered they must remain in the multipurpose room.

3. Students should leave all of their belongings with their parents. If they bring a cellphone, they will have to check it. The parents working at check-in will put itin a bag with your child's name on it and it will be kept secure for the entire night and returned at the end of the evening.

4. Party planners have arranged for everything they will need including transportation,toiletries and plenty of food and pop/water. They will not need any money.

5. If your child must leave early due to a sports curfew or AP test, a parent must sign him or her out of the party at pick up.

6. An itinerary for the evening will be emailed to all parents by 10 p.m. on the night of the event, along with locations and addresses.

 7. Permission slips will be sent out under a separate email. These must be signed and turned in or the student will not be able to attend the event. 

8. Holy Family does not allow students to drive home at the end of the party; they must be picked up by a parent.

9. Parent volunteers are needed!

10. A portion of the graduation fee paid through your senior year tuition contract covers the cost of this event.



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