Custom Calendars

The calendar system used by Holy Family contains a variety of calendars.  When you go to the main calendar page, Calendar, all you see is the primary public calendar.  There are dozens of others though.  For example, many sports maintain their own calendars.  

While you could go find those calendars on their individual sites, you can also see them on the main calendar page.  Below the monthly grid, you will a drop down showing the other calendars you have access to.  Simply select it to add to your view. (If you have a Holy Family website account, you may want to be logged in before you do this) Also below the grid you will see across the page links to all the calendars you currently have added.   By clicking each one you will see further options to either remove the calendar or to remove and/or add individual categories from that calendar.  For example, suppose  a team has a seperate category for "Games" and one for "Practices".  By default it selects all the categories but you could turn off say "Practices" if you aren't interested in when they practice.


Now you may be thinking that you don't want to have to go through this each time.  If you have a current Holy Family account, you don't have to.   If you are logged into the site when you are making these calendar selections, you will see a "Save Display Options" button below the grid over on the right side.  By clicking that you will automatically be presented those calendars the next time you go to the calendar page while logged in.  There are further advantages as well.  With those selected, you will also see those the items from those calendars on the front page of the website after logging in.   In addition, the weekly email that parents and students receive contains a list of calendar events.  If you have saved your calendar choices, these other calendars will be added to that list of events for you rather than just getting the standard default list.

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